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10/03/2018 2015 BMW X5 SUV Service Advisor: Jose Alamo
Comments: Jose Alamo is far and above any Service Manager with whom I have ever worked. I live in Miami Beach and used to work with Jose at the Miami location for my last 2 BMWs. I chose to drive 40 minutes to Pembroke Pines for my service specifically to be able to work with Jose. He is extremely responsive and professional. Even when he is not working, he will respond to my messages or calls to be sure I receive the service I need. I was at Braman Miami on this service date which is when I found out he moved and I chose to leave and head to Pembroke Pines instead of stay for service. He is the only reason I am considering getting into a new BMW at this time as the user interface in the new X5 is not up to par with some of the other luxury vehicles on the market but it means more to have a reliable service partner. No other Service Manager at Braman or anywhere else even remembers who I am on repeat visits and certainly does not respond to any forms of contact unless I am onsite, they are currently working, and I am front of them. I do not know Jose's official position but if he does not have direction over the entire service department, he should. He educates me on new models and features and has done more than the sales staff to inform me about new vehicle options and to convince me to remain loyal to the brand. It should not be discounted how much the service department can contribute to repeat customers and sales. Jose stands alone in this regard and it would do the company well to have him train and oversee the other service staff.